15/02/1916- Medical Examination Completed at Northam WA
27/03/1916- To No. 58 Depot Company as Private
1/04/1916- To NCO School Belmont WA
9/05/1916- Promoted CORPORAL with  16th Battalion 20th Reinforcements WA
26/07/1916- Promoted Acting SERGEANT   WA
2/12/1916- To Training Battalion Codford England ex Australia
13/12/1916- Promoted EDP SERGEANT Codford England
21/12/1916- Proceeded Overseas 4th Australian Division Base Depot Havre France ex Folkestone ex Codford & Reverts to Rank Private
6/01/1917- To Segregation Camp Etaples France
25/01/1917- To Australian Division Base Depot Etaples France ex Segregation Camp
11/02/1917- Joined 16th Battalion in the field France
11/04/1917- Reported MISSING IN ACTION France
11/04/1917- Reported Captured Reincourt France and Taken PRISONER OF WAR- Interred Limburg Germany
21/12/1918- Repatriated PRISONER OF WAR arrived Dover England
23/12/1918- Admitted 1st Australian Aux Hospital Harefield England
8/01/1919- Discharged from Hospital & Granted Leave England
11/02/1919- To No. 2 Command Depot Weymouth England
28/03/1919- Embarked England for Australia per ” Koroa ” ( Septic Leg )
12/03/1920- Discharged from Service ( Medically Unfit )
24/02/1956- Date of Death ( War Graves Commission Advice )


Service Medals Awarded

British War Medal – No. 14578

Victory Medal – No. 14292




17/07/1917-  Unofficial Prisoner of War- Certified by information received by A.I.F. Headquarters from L/Cpl, PARSONS-  Escaped Prisoner of War also Certifed by 3rd Echelon ROUEN dated 10/07/1917 “.


13/08/1917 from London- ” Prisoner of War Interred Krgsgef : Eustammlager Limburg.  Extract by Post Card dated 16/06/1917 from Private A. KELLY No. 6280, 16th Battalion  A.I. F . refers to Man at this Camp “.


20/08/1917- from London-  ” Prisoner of War- Interned Limburg.  Extract from Post Card from man addressed to Australian Base  P.O.  Mt. Pleasant, E. C. dated 6/06/1917 “.


1/12/1917- From London- ” Prisoner of War- Trasferred Stammlager Friedrichsfeld.  Bureau de Secours List dated 16/11/1917 “


8/12/1917- From London- ” Prisoner of War- Transferred Nurnberg.  Post Card received from Man dated 1/11/1917 “.


7/03/1918- From London- ” Prisoner of War- Interred Nurnberg Lazaret.  I have been in hospital for the last four months with a poisoned leg and am in a very weak state, but am gradually getting stronger.  I received my first three parcels in October while in Hospital in France, where our address was Limburg.  Yesterday I got two more .  I need all the nourishment I can get .  The parcels you have sent  I am delighted with.- Certified by extract from letter received from man dated 21/01/1918 “.


14/10/1918- From London-  ” Prisoner of War- Interred Bayreuth.  You may now discontinue sending an invalid parcel every fortnight,  as I am now quite strong again and in the best of health.  Your parcels are coming regularly and I have received also  all last years parcels which reached me this June and July.  Extract from Post Card dated 9/08/1918 “.


1/01/1919- From London-  ” Repatriated Prisoner of War.  Arrived Dover 21/12/1918.  Certified by List from A.I.F. Headquarters 23/12/1918 “.


20/11/1919- Letter from Soldier to Army Base Records Melbourne- ”  I have been referred to you by the officer in Charge Invalids & Returned Soldiers  of W. A ( 5th M. D. ) in a matter of Extra Duty Pay. I returned to Australia from Liverpool by H. M. T. ” Karoa ”  leaving on 29th March  and arriving in this State  on 30th April. During that period I acted in the  capacity as a Clerk  in the Ship’s Orderly Room  under the Adjutant  Captain. L. G. ALLEN, 28th Battalion of Western Australia.  The work I was doing was by no means  light and was made no better  by being under Medical Treatment with an open wound in the leg. The Adjutant promised before our disembarkation  to have this matter fixed up  upon the Ship’s arrival in Melbourne. Since then I have had no further advice  in the matter.  Capt. ALLEN, I understand , is still on Transport Duty between England and Australia. The amount in question will approximately be 6 Pounds 8 Shillings. Your attention in this matter  will greatly oblige “.


2/12/1919- Reply from Major, Officer in Charge Base Records Melbourne to Pte. DODDS.

” There is nothing on your records  or ths Ship’s Papers of the ” Karoa ”  to show that you carried out  ” Extra Duty ” as a Clerk on the voyage to Australia “



The Army’s reply is callous, unsympathetic and gives no indication whether the matter was referred to Capt. ALLEN, who may have forgotten to ‘ Have the matter fixed up ” as he had promised the Soldier.
Considering DODDS Prisoner of War Status, state of injured leg with open wound, on the return voyage, his Devotion to Duty should have been recognized with  a matter of urgency.
If Capt. ALLEN used DOODS generosity for his own personal gain and did not refer the extra  duty to Army Records, there is a definite question mark about his character.
I cannot imagine how demoralised DODDS would have felt when he read the Army’s reply to his fair request.
Should any reader be able to enlighten us with any further information relating to this issue, please email us accordingly.


*** Thanks to Local Historian Jennie  STAINES for assisting identify James Atkinson DODDS as a Bunbury-Wellington Soldier “.***