14/11/1916-To Depot Signal Company
11/04/1917-To 44th Battalion 8th Reinforcements
26/06/1917-To Wireless School Moore Park as Sapper
1/07/1917-To Signals Service ( Egypt ) Special Draft Reinforcements
23/10/1917-Joined Base Signal depot Alexandria
22/12/1917-Joined 1st Signal Squadron in the field Egypt
5/07/1918-Admitted 47th Stationary Hospital Gaza ( Bursitis Elbow ) ex. Rest Camp Jerusalem ex. 66 Casualty Clearing Station
11/07/1918-Admitted 24th Stationary Hospital Kantara ( Jaundice )
13/07/1918-Admitted 14th Aust General Hospital Port Said ( Bursitis )then transferred Rest Camp Port Said
21/08/1918-To Signals Training Unit Moascar ex. Hospital
16/10/1918-To 1st Signals Troop in the field
16/11/1918-Admitted 14th General Hospital in the field ( Malaria ) ex. 44th Stationary hospital
29/12/1918-To Rest Camp Port Said,3/02/1919-To signals Training Unit Moascar, 4/02/1919-Returned to 1st Signals troop in the field
3/07/1919-Embarked Kantara Egypt for Australia per “Malta “
30/07/1919-Disembarked Australia
4/09/1919-Discharged from Service