12/06/1915-Admitted Casualty Clearing Station Gallipoli ( Influenza )
13/06/1915-Transferred 1st Stationary Hospital Mudros ( Gastro-Enteritis )
6/07/1915-To Lowlands Casualty Clearing Station Lemnos ( Gastritis ) ex 24th Casualty Clearing Station
8/07/1915-Transferred to Base Mudros
25/07/1915-Evacuated/Admitted St Davids Hospital Malta
25/07/1915-Transferred to St George Hospital Malta ( Rheumatic Fever ) Discharged to Hospital Ship 6/08/1915
15/08/1915-Evacuated/Admitted 3rd London General Hospital Wandsworth Common England ( Valvular Disease Heart )- Discharged 31/08/1915
7/03/1916-To No. 2 Command Depot Weymouth England for Return to Australia
11/03/1916-Embarked Portland for Australia per “Suevic” ( Rheumatic Fever & Cardiac Dilation )
22/04/1916-Disembarked Australia
27/07/1916-Discharged from Service