25/04/1915- reported as missing at Gallipoli
18/05/1915-Rejoined 12th Battalion at Gallipoli
20/08/1915-Admitted Hospital malta ex. Anzac 12/08/1915 (Febrile )
5/09/1915-Injured right groin transferred England ex. Malta
12/09/1915-Admitted Fulham Military Hospital England ( Internal Hernia )
7/01/1916-Discharged to Weymouth Depot England
28/03/1916-Rejoined 12th Battalion Egypt
15/04/1916-Disembarked Alexandria
18/05/1916-Admitted No. 3 Aust Gen Hospital ( Boil on Hand )
1/06/1916-Transferred Hospital Abbassia ( Cellulitis Hand )
28/06/1916-Transferred Ras-el-Tin to Tel-el Kebir base
7/07/1916-Admitted No.2 Aust Stationary Hospital
29/08/1916-Embarked Overseas France ex. Alexandria
19/04/1917-Admitted Fargo Military Hospital England ( Seriously Ill-Pneomonia )
24/04/1917- Died of Disease ( Pneumonia )