Previous Service – 3 years with Australian Army Nursing Service ( Earned a Certificate of Proficiency in 1911)
28/11/1916- To Australian Medical Corps Nursing Staff Reinforcements Melbourne, VIC as Staff Nurse
06/12/19165- Embarked Melbourne VIC aboard troop transport ship “Orsova” bound for England
17/02/1917- Disembarked at Plymouth England
28/02/1917- Proceeded Overseas France to Nursing Duties
02/03/1917- Posted to duty at No. 10 Stationary Hospital Rouen France
08/07/1917- Reported to Duty No. 25th General Hospital France
20/05/1918- Granted Leave England
4/06/1918- Rejoined No. 25 General Hospital France ex Leave
4/07/1918- Admitted No. 14 General Hospital France ( Fever- PUO )
12/07/1918- Rejoined No. 25 General Hospital France ex Hospital sickness
07/08/1918- Reported for Temporary Duty at 47th Casualty Clearing Station France
28/08/1918- To Nurses Home Abbeville France prior to Re-Posting
6/09/1918- To Duty 33 Casualty Clearing Station France
21/09/1918- To 12th Stationary Hospital France
25/09/1918- Reported to Duty at 33rd Casualty Clearing Station France
25/10/1918- To Duty 42 Casualty Clearing Station France
29/11/1918- To Duty No. 25 General Hospital France
29/12/1918- Promoted SISTER- Australian Army Nursing Service
1/01/1919- Granted Leave England
17/01/1919- Rejoined No. 25 General Hospital France ex Leave
28/02/1919- Proceeded to United Kingdom for Duty ex France
3/03/1919- Granted Leave England with Pay & Subs approved by AIF Headquarters London, for Non-Military Employment- STUDIES- Firstly at Royal Sanitary Institute, 90 Buckingham Palace Row London, then to Study Course in Maternity & Child Welfare at Battersea Polytechnic London- Qualified & Noted-” Excellent Work Done”.
28/07/1919- Re-Transferred to Australian Army Nursing Service ex Leave
7/09/1919- Embarked England for Australia per ” Euripides ” on Duty as Nursing Staff
20/10/1919- Disembarked Australia
8/12/1919- Discharged from Service ( Termination of Period of Enlistment )


Service Medals Awarded

British War Medal – No. 61377

Victory Medal – No. 59570



November 1914-March 1915- Duty No. 44 Military Hospital Berck Plage France

4/04/1915- 3/04/1916- Duty Lady Paget’s 6th Reserve Hospital Skopje Serbia-  Bulgars and Austrians seized the Hospital when Serbia Collapsed, and they made her nurse their sick for a long time.  She then escaped through Rumania,  Russia, Sweden and Norway , and returned to London.

12/05/1916- August 1916- Duty No 25 Military Hospital Talence France


Note- Sister COLEMAN is honoured as a Past Student of Collie High School and is recorded on the Collie High School Honour Board accordingly.


Post War,  Sister Coleman crossed to the United States then sailed South to Cartagena, Colombia where she joined the Medical Department of the Tropical Oil Company.