8/09/1915- To 28 Depot as Private
28/10/1915- To 11th Battalion 11th Reinforcements
2/03/1916- Joined Battalion in the field Tel-el-Kebir Egypt
5/04/1916- Disembarked Marseilles France ex Alexandria Egypt
30/05/1916- Reported Missing in Action France
14/06/1916- Reported Captured and taken PRISONER  OF  WAR
1/01/1919- Repatriated to England ex Prisoner of War
4/02/1919- To No. 2 Command Depot Weymouth England
3/03/1919- Embarked Portland for Australia per ” Euripides ”
21/04/1919- Disembarked Australia
13/06/1919- Discharged from Service



27/06/1916- Australian List  ” Hickson, R.H. & Wallace, L/Cpl D.C. 3583- 30/05/1916 ( France )- ” There was a bombardment of the Australian lines on the night of 30th May from 8.00 to 10.30 P.M..  The smoke and noise was fearful.  Hickson and Wallace were Machine Gunners. They were reported by friends of witness to have jumped over the parapet with a Lewis Gun so as to get outside the smoke.  Three parties of Germans assaulted the trenches.  Hickson and Wallace may have been taken prisoners by them.  If not prisoners, they are dead.  Hickson was a very young fellow who claimed to be 18 and a half years of age.  He came over as Corporal with the 11th Reinforcements to the 11th Battalion from W.A “.  Reference : Cpl. W. D. Brown, 3237, 11.A  Reinforcements Camp Etaples France dated 27 June 1916.


17/07/1916- London- ” Informant states that on 30 May 1916 near Armentieres, Pte. Hickson went out with a party of Machine Gunners out towards the German Lines.  At that moment a mine exploded and everyone of the party being just on that spot, must have been blown up.  Nothing was ever seen or heard of them since “.  Reference Pte. G.A.R. Weir, 3492, 11th A.I.F County of London War Hospital Epsom England.


20/07/1916-  London-  Letter from Sergent Purser to Prisoner of War Help Ce.  ”  Hickson, Richard Henry, 3248- At Stendal “


24/07/1916-  ” He was on the same gun as Wallace ( now POW ) , and I saw the two together with their gun, up the Hoseshoe at Scellar Farm Avenue , on right of Fleurbaix , on 30th May about 9 o’clock at night.  A few days later, pieces of the gun were picked up,  the men were missing and the parapet was blown up and turned over in a way which must have buried Hickson if he remained there “.  Reference Pte. N. Cole, 3686B,  Pte. C. H. Percival, 3919A,  Reinforcements Camp Etaples France.


24/07/1916-  ” Hickson and Stephens were Lewis Machine Gunners .  They were in the front line trenches on May 30 during the heavy bombardment.  A shell came over and either blew them to pieces or buried them both with their gun.  Lieut. Le May was in charge of the machine Guns that night and could give details .  Reference  Sgt. B. Westbrook,  493B,  11th Battalion  26th general Hospital  Etaples France.


24/07/1916-  ” Hickson belonged to the Machine Gun Section of the 11th battalion.  he and a man called Wallace had charge of a Lewis Gun at the Ens De Bois , near Lavantie on May 30 during a heavy bombardment.  A shell came over and buried Hickson & Wallace  and the Lewis Gun.  We could not recover them on account of the violence of the bombardment.  I was near the spot wher this happened.  Hickson was quite young.  He came over from Australia as an Acting Corporal “.  Reference – Pte. G. Murray, 3690, Scouts Section, 26th General Hospital  Etaples France.


29/07/1916-  The Germans made a raid and kept up a prolonged bombardment with the result that the parapet was knocked down and many men were buried underneath.  Hickson was on the parapet at the time.  There were a large number of men also blown to pieces  and their remains were unrecogniseable.  he has been reported as missing in the Battalion.  This raid took place at Fleurbaix “.  Reference-  Pte.  S. J. Stratton,  1871,  Reinforcements Camp Etaples France.


3/08/1916- Letter from Lieut. Le Nay  “B” Company to The Secretary British Red Cross Society London-  ”  I am awfully sorry to have to say that Pte. Hickson 11th Battalion is missing and no trace has been found of him.  I feel certain that he was buried by the terrific bombardment of the 30th May 1916.  I did all possible to find trace of him and his comrade Lance Corporal Wallace and could find nothing.  Knowing that these two lads would be always together and the calibre of both  I feel certain that they were buried.  The other three members of the crew have come through alright  and reported that they both left together to save the gun “.


3/08/1916-  London –  ” French Casualty- Informant states that ” On May 30 1916 at Levantie, Hickson was killed by a shell at night.  I saw him  after he was killed.  I knew Hickson “. –  Reference  J. Thomas, 3980,  11th A.I.F 4th London General Denmark Hill London.


5/08/1916- letter from Liuet.  Le Nay to British Red Cross Society London –  ” Re Pte. Hickson 11th Battalion – I am pleased to say that on initiation from Cpl. Wallace  now prisoner in Germany that Pte. Hickson is in a Hospital in Germany, but where he could not say “.


7/08/1916-  London –  ” Informant states that he was in training from April 1916 to July at Etaples.  When the men of his Battalion came out of the firing line they told him Hickson was killed , when the Germans were bombing Sailly.  Cannot give name of any particular Informant “.  – Reference- Pte. B. McCarthy, 3416,  11th A.I.F “C” Company , 3rd London General Hospital Wandsworth, England.


8/08/1916-  London-  ” I am awfully sorry to have to say that Private Hickson is missing and no trace has been found of him.  I feel certain that he was buried by the terrific bombardment of the 20th May 1916.  I did all possible to find trace of him and also his comrade, Lance Corporal Wallace, and could find nothing.  Knowing that these two lads would be always together, and the calibre of both I feel certain that they were buried.  The other three members of the crew have come through alright and report that they both left together to save the Gun “. – Letter from Lieut. Le May “B” Company Dated 3rd August 1916.


8/08/1916-  Letter from Australian Branch British Red Cross Society  London to Lieut. Le Ney – ” Very many thanks for your prompt reply to our request for information concerning No. 3248 Pte. R.H. Hickson  11th Battalion.  We are glad to be able to tell you that Lance Corporal Wallace  No. 3683, is a Prisoner of War in Dulmen, Westphalen, so, perhaps , there is a possibility of Private Hickson also having been captured.  We shall inform you immediately if we hear any definite news concerning Private Hickson.  All Prisoners of War of AIF are being sent weekly parcels and we have received word from Lance Corporal Wallace , saying he had received his first parcel “.


11/08/1916- London-  From German List dated 19/07/1916- ”  Missing France- HICKSON, Richard Henry, 3248- Reported as Prisoner of War, Von Res. Feldlaz. S. nach Gef, Laz, ST Clothilde Douai “.


21/08/1916-  Letter from Austral;ian Branch British Red Cross Society London to Captain Le Ney, 11th Battalion-  ”  I am glad to say we have also received word of 3248, Private R.H. Hickson, as his name appears on the list of Prisoners sent to us from Germany.  On 19/07/1916 we are told he was in the Gefangenan Lazaret , St Clothilde, Douai.  His being in Hospital probably causing delay in obtaining news of him “.


29/08/1916-  From J. Perrin- ” Informant states that on May 20th 1916 at Fleurbaix there was a raid on the 11th Battalion trenches, with many casualties. It became known that Hickson was missing with his Machine Gun, and two days later two men were found buried under the parapet. One of these was reported to be Hickson.  A Machine Gun was also found with him.  Informant was in the same reinforcement “.  Reference: Pte T. A. Oliver, 3140, 11th Battalion “A” Company, 3rd London General Hospital, Horseferry Road, Camberwell, England.


3/01/1917-  London-  Certified by Card dated 10/12/1916- ” Hickson, Richard Henry,3248,  Prisoner of War- Transferred Gef.  Gardelegen “.


9/01/1919- London- Certified by AIF Headquarters  ” Hickson, R.H, 3248- Repatriated Prisoner of War-  Arrived Hull 1/01/1919 “.