1/3/1916- To Australian Army Medical Corps as LIEUTENANT
25/11/1916- Proceeded Overseas Havre France ex Southampton
23/12/1916- Posted to 44th Battalion in the field France
9/02/1917- Transferred 11th Australian Field Ambulance in the field France
13/04/1917- Detached to 1st Australian Casualty Clearing Station in the field France
22/05/1917- Rejoined 44th Battalion in the field France ex Detachment
3/06/1917- Wounded in Action France ( Slightly Gassed )- ex 9th Australian Field Ambulance ex 2nd Casualty Clearing Station
8/06/1917- Admitted 30th General Hospital Calais France
13/06/1917- Evacuated/Admitted 3rd London General Hospital Wandsworth England
9/07/1917- Admitted 5th Aux Hospital England
24/07/1917- Attached to 3rd Australian Aux Hospital Dartford England for Duty
22/11/1918- To No. 2 Command Depot Weymouth England
12/02/1919- Transferred Maudesley Neurological Hospital England to Study Nervous Diseases
16/03/1919- Embarked England for Australia per ” Czaritza ”
7/04/1919- Trans-shipped at Alexandria to ” Dunluce Castle ”
6/05/1919- Disembarked Australia
8/08/1919- Discharged from Service
19/05/1953- Date of Death




Date  of  Recommendation ;  7 June  1917 ( Recommended  for  Award  of  MILTARY  CROSS )


” At Pout-de- Nieppe on the 6th June 1917 when the enemy bombed the Town , Captain Alexander Juett displayed great gallantry and initiative in the rescue of wounded soldiers and civilians under a heavy bombardment.  He set a fine example and organised the collection and evacuation of the wounded “.


Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette : 18 April 1918


Location in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette : Page  845,  Position  52


Date of London Gazette : 28 December 1917


Location in London Gazette : Page  13568,  Position  75.