20/09/1916- Completed Application for Enlistment & Medical Examination Perth WA
21/09/1916- To 6th Reinforcements 44th Battalion WA as Private
14/11/1916- To 24th Reinforcements 11th Battalion WA
02/12/1916- To 18th Reinforcements 27th Battalion WA
28/12/1916- To 6th Reinforcements 43rd Battalion WA
04/01/1917- Believed to have stowed away- Found on board ship at sea -unallotted and without papers
16/02/1917- Disembarked Devonport England to 2nd Training Battalion Durrington England
05/03/1917- Transferred to 11th Training Battalion Durrington
27/06/1917- Transferred to Australian Medical Corps Details at Parkhouse England ex 43rd Battalion ex Durrington
23/01/1918- Attached for Duty at 1st Australian Dermatological Hospital Bulford England ex Convalescent Training Depot Parkhouse
04/03/1918- Taken on Strength 1st ADH Bulford
28/03/1918- To Australian Army Medical Corps Training Depot Parkhouse ex Bulford
02/04/1918- Proceeded Overseas Australian General Base Depot Rouelles France ex Southampton ex Parkhouse
09/08/1918- Taken on Strength 3rd Australian General Hospital Abbeville France ex Base Depot
02/11/1918- Admitted Hospital France ( Sick )
15/11/1918- Discharged to Unit ex Hospital
29/01/1919- Granted Leave England
18/02/1919- Rejoined Unit France ex Leave
07/04/1919- Admitted 3rd AGH France ( Sick )
30/04/1919- Evacuated/Admitted 3rd Australian Aux Hospital Dartford England ( Valvular Disease of Heart )
31/05/1919- Embarked England aboard ” Aeneas ” for Return to Australia
12/07/1919- Disembarked Fremantle WA
01/09/1919- Discharged from Service ( Termination of Period of Enlistment ).


British War Medal – No. 16430

Victory Medal – No. 15991.