2/12/1915- Appointed COLONEL and TEMPORARY BRIGADIER GENERAL whilst Commanding Australian and New Zealand troops in the United Kingdom
21/07/1916- Was acting as WA Representative in London before Appointment to AIF as General on Command,  Commander of Depots in the United Kingdom and based at Salisbury Plains
28/01/1917- Resumed Command UK ex Sick Leave
14/02/1917- Granted Rank TEMPORARY MAJOR GENERAL whilst holding the Appointment of General on Command AIF Depots in the United Kingdom
1/05/1917- Discharged from AIF London England- Relinquishes Appointment in AIF on ceasing to Command AIF Depots in UK
15/05/1917- Awarded the Colonial Aux Forces Officers Decoration ( States Col. KCMG )
7/08/1917- Brought to the Notice of Secretary of State for War for valuable services rendered in Connection with the War
28/10/1936- Date  of  Death ( Aged 67 )- Died in a Nursing Home , following an Operation.


Service Medal Awarded

British War Medal – No. 65A.


Sir Newton Moore was Premier of  Western Australia from 1906 – 1911

He was also a Member of the House of Commons  London from  1918 – 1932.


***** Thanks to Pat RODGERS for this photo of Sir Newton John MOORE.