25/10/1915- To 10th Light Horse Regiment 16th Reinforcements as Second Lieutenant
17/06/1916- Joined 10th Light Horse Regiment Tel-el-Kebir Egypt
26/06/1916- To Be TROOP  OFFICER 2nd Double Squadron Cairo Egypt6/07/1916- Transferred 2nd Double Squadron Egypt
21/07/1916- Appointed LIEUTENANT in the field Cairo Egypt
30/09/1916- Admitted 26th Stationary Hospital Ismailia Egypt ( Tonsilitis ) ex 3rd CO Field Ambulance ex Railhead
11/10/1916- Rejioined Unit in the field Egypt ex Hospital
2/11/1916- Transferred as TROOP  OFFICER   to 4th Anzac Camel Battalion Abbassia Egypt
7/02/1917- Transferred 17th Company Imperial Camel Corps Abbassia Egypt
29/07/1917- Admitted 24th Stationary Hospital Egypt ( Pyrexia/Debility ) ex 65th Casualty Clearing Station ex Ambulance Train ex Imperial Camel Corps Field Ambulance
31/07/1917- Admitted No. 14 Australian General Hospital Abbassia Egypt
8/08/1917- To No. 10 Red Cross Convalescent Hospital Alexander Docks Egypt
25/08/1917- Rejoined 17th Company Imperial Camel Corps in the field Egypt
27/11/1917- Wounded in Action Egypt ( Severe Gunshot Wound Fractured Right Femur )
2/12/1917- Admitted 24th Stationary Hospital Egypt ex 35th Casualty Clearing Station ex 32nd Australian Field Ambulance
3/12/1917- Admitted 14th Australian General Hospital Abbassia Egypt ( Dangerously Ill )
27/02/1918- Removed from Dangerously Ill List
1/04/1918- Medical Board Report – Right Thigh Amputation- Transferred to England for Further Operation
28/05/1918- Promoted  CAPTAIN  17th Company Imperial Camel Corps
8/06/1918- Embarked Alexandria Egypt for England per ” Glengorn Castle ”
19/06/1918- Admitted 3rd London General Hospital Wandsworth England
29/08/1918- Transferred Officers Hospital Bayswater England
3/01/1919- To No. 2 Aux Hospital Southall England
9/05/1919- Transferred to No. 6 Aux Hospital England
28/05/1919- Transferred 3rd Australian Aux Hospital Dartford England ( Gunshot Wound Right Leg Amputation ) for Return to Australia
28/08/1919- Embarked England for Australia per ” Kanowna ”
11/10/1919- Disembarked Australia
12/06/1920- Discharged from Service
16/07/1940- Date of Death