24/04/1915- Completed Enlistment Form for Australian Army Nursing Service at Perth Public Hospital WA
24/05/1915- Embarked Fremantle WA as staff of 1st Australian Government Hospital (AGH)  aboard “Mooltan” bound for Egypt
14/06/1915- Disembarked Alexandria Egypt to duty at 2nd Auxiliary Hospital Cairo
27/09/1915- Transferred to Duty at Choubra Infectious Diseases Hospital Cairo ( Included working Night Duty from January 1916)
10/04/1916- Embarked Alexandria aboard “Runic” on Hospital Transport Duties on Return to Australia
14/05/1916- Disembarked Melbourne to Duty at 1st AGH until next Hospital Transport Duty
June 1916- Embarked Melbourne aboard “Marathon” bound for London
09/07/1916- Disembarked London to 1st Australian Auxiliary Hospital (AAH) Harefield England
12/07/1916- Admitted to 1st AAH Harefield as an in-patient (Mumps)- Nurse had become infected whilst aboard the “Marathon”
28/07/1916- Discharged from Hospital to Sick Leave England
09/08/1916- Returned to Duty at 1st AAH Harefield
18/10/1916- Admitted to 1st AAH Harefield as an in-patient ( Tonsillitis)
25/10/1916- Returned to Duty 1st AAH Harefield
19/12/1916- Admitted to 1st AAH Harefield as an in-patient (Influenza)
29/12/1916- Discharged to Duty 1st AAH Harefield
12/03/1917- Completed Medical Board Examination London- Diagnosed with Anaemia/Malnutrition
15/03/1917- Admitted St. Albans Hospital London
05/04/1917- To AANS Headquarters London
11/05/1917- Embarked Devonport England aboard “Themistocles” as Invalid for Return to Australia
25/06/1917- Disembarked Fremantle
17/07/1917- Medical Board Examination at No. 8 AGH Fremantle- (Recommendation for Discharge as being Permanently Medically Unfit for Service in AIF, however Fit for Home Duty)
03/08/1917- Discharged from Service ( Medically Unfit).
16/01/1918- Completed Application for Enlistment as a Sister with AANS Melbourne
23/01/1918- Embarked Melbourne aboard “Karoola” on Hospital Transport Duty bound for Egypt via Capetown South Africa
March 1918- Completed Hospital Transport Duty from Egypt to Australia attending to sick and wounded in stifling heat below decks. It appears Sister PHIPPS may have remained at 1AGH Melbourne
04/09/1918- Transferred to Home Service
02/10/1918- Completed Application for Enlistment as Sister with AANS Melbourne
09/11/1918- Embarked Sydney aboard “Wiltshire” bound for Egypt
11/12/1918- Disembarked Alexandria to Duty at 31st General Hospital Abbassia Egypt
31/12/1918- Transferred to 45th Indian General Hospital Abbassia
26/02/1919- To Duty 14th AGH Abbassia, including detachment to No. 46 Hospital Train Gabbari Egypt
09/05/1919- Admitted No. 14 AGH Abbassia as an in-patient (Debility/Cardiac Weakness)
11/05/1919- Embarked Alexandria aboard “China” for Return to Australia
08/06/1919- Disembarked Melbourne
24/06/1919- Completed Medical Examination for Re-Instatement to Service with AANS then worked at the No. 11 Australian General Repatriation Hospital at Caulfield Victoria
06/10/1920- Completed Medical Board Examination Melbourne at No. 11 AGH
13/11/1920- Discharged from Service (Termination of Period of Enlistment).


1914/1915 Star No. 3331
British War Medal No. 13890
Victory Medal No. 13792.


Sister PHIPPS had completed her 3 years probationary Nurses Training at Perth Public Hospital WA in October 1910.
She was a Member of the Australasian Trained Nurses Association.
Nursing posts in WA included Corrigin, Geraldton, Northcliffe and Pemberton.