17/02/1916- Completed Application for Enlistment & Preliminary Medical Examination Bunbury WA
28/02/1916- To Area No. 2 as Private
14/03/1916- Allotted to 11th Reinforcements 28th Battalion Bunbury WA
31/03/1916- Embarked F remantle WA aboard ” Shropshire ” bound for Egypt
27/04/1916- Disembarked Alexandria ex Australia to Overseas Training Base
10/05/1916- Embarked Alexandria with British Expeditionary Forces bound for Marseilles France
18/05/1916- Disembarked Marseilles
20/06/1916- Admitted 26th General Hospital Etaples France ( Bronchitis ) ex 2nd Australian Division Base Depot
26/06/1916- Diagnosed with Pneumonia – Classified Dangerously Ill
6/07/1916- Evacuated/Admitted Northampton Military Hospital Evington England ex France
24/07/1916- Transferred to 1st Australian Aux Hospital Harefield England
23/08/1916- Discharged to No. 2 Command Depot Weymouth England
10/10/1916- Transferred to No. 1 Command Depot Perham Downs
13/10/1916- Transferred to No. 3 Command Depot Bovington
3/11/1916- Transferred to No. 4 Command Depot Wareham
23/03/1917- Transferred to 70th Battalion Wareham
19/09/1917- Transferred 28th Battalion England
14/10/1917- Proceeded Overseas 2nd Australian Division Base Depot Havre France ex Southampton ex Hurdcott
20/10/1917- Taken on Strength 28th Battalion in the field France
10/06/1918- Killed in Action near Morlancourt France.



Informant – FREDDY, Sgt, 28th Battalion – ” I regret to say that 4556A THOMPSON, Pte. W H  was killed in the Battle known as  the Bray – Corbie Road Charge, near Morlancourt, and that I myself helped  to bury and identify him.  He was buried along with 5 of his 6  comrades  where he fell, it being too far  from any Military Cemetery, but the Battalion always erects crosses  over the graves so they can be easily found. Pte. THOMPSON was inclined  to be a bit bald, especially on the front part of his head, and I believe , to the best of my knowledge  that he came from the Bridgetown district, in the South West of Australia, and he was of a very quiet disposition and a little deaf “.


Informant – NICHOLSON, Pte. A J. 6426, 28th Battalion – ” I knew him well. He came from the Blackwood District of Western Australia. He was about 38, thickset and bald headed and sometimes had a moustache. About the 10th June we were in front of Morlancourt holding the line.  In the evening we attacked and during the attack about 10.30pm THOMPSON was hit by a Machine Gun Bullet and killed right out. I saw this. He is buried with 6 others  in a shell hole close to where he fell. It is on the rising ground  in front of Morlancourt, 300  yards to the left of the Bray-Cambrai Road “.



British War Medal – No. 34863

Victory Medal – No. 34616

Memorial Plaque/Scroll – No. 346769.



Donnybrook War Memorial WA

Australian War Memorial Canberra ACT – Panel No. 114

Villers-Brettoneux Memorial France.