28/07/1915-To 19 Depot as Private
23/08/1915-To 1st Depot Battalion
27/09/1915-To 16th Battalion 11th Reinforcements
7/03/1916-Joined 16th Battalion in the field Tel-El-Kebir Egypt
11/08/1916-Wounded in Action France ( Shell Shock ) ex 1st Anzac Rest Station ex 7th Aust Field Ambulance
15/08/1916-Rejoined Unit in the Field France ex Wounded
22/11/1916-Admitted 1st Stationary Hospital Rouen France ( NYD ) ex South Midland Casualty Clearing Station
25/11/1916-Admitted 51st General Hospital Etaples France ( Sick )
18/03/1917-Rejoined Unit in the Field France ex Sick
28/11/1917-Admitted Hospital France ( Conjunctivitis ) ex 4th Aust Field Ambulance
4/12/1917-Admitted 4th General Hospital France ( Boils )
16/12/1917-Rejoined Unit in the Field France ex Hospital
20/12/1917-Admitted 9th General Hospital Rouen France ( Blepharitis )
14/01/1918-Evacuated/Admitted 5th Southern General Hospital Portsmouth England
23/01/1918-To 1st Aust Aux Hospital Harefield England
13/02/1918-To No. 1 Command Depot Sutton Veny England
17/03/1918-Admitted Sutton Veny Military Hospital ( Septic Foot )
30/04/1918-To No. 1 Convalescent Depot Sutton Veny
7/06/1918-To Overseas Training Brigade Longbridge Deverill
24/07/1918-Prceeded Overseas France ex Folkestone ex Longbridge Deverill
28/07/1918-Admitted Hospital France ( NYD )- ex Aust Infantry Base Depot
19/09/1918-Rejoined Unit in the Field France
27/01/1919-To England for Return to Australia ex Aust General Base Depot France
28/02/1919-Embarked Devonport for Australia per “Anchises”
7/04/1919-Disembarked Albany
3/06/1919-Discharged from Service