6/01/1916-To 10th Light Horse 15th Reinforcements
26/04/1916-Transferred 3rd Light Horse Training Regiment Tel-El-Kebir
6/07/1916-Transferred 3rd Double Squadron Serapeum
8/08/1916-Admitted Hospital Roadhead ( Belanitis ) ex. 1/2 Aust Field Ambulance
2/09/1916-To 3rd Double Squadron Roadhead
15/11/1916-Transferred 3rd Machine Gun Squadron
14/05/1917-Admitted Hospital Tel-el-Kebir ex. 3 Light Horse Field Ambulance ex. Casualty Clearing Station then Rest Camp ( Beni Tela )
25/05/1917-Rejoined Unit Marakeb ex. Rest Camp
21/10/1917-Joined 3rd Machine Gun Squadron Baluian
25/04/1918-To Imperial School of Instruction Zeitoun
27/05/1918-Rejoined Unit ex. School
31/07/1918-Admitted No. 2 Aust Stationary Hospital Moascar ( Sick ) ex. 36 Stationary Hospital ex. 3rd Light Horse Field Ambulance ex. 26 Casualty Clearing Station ex. 32 Casualty Clearing Hospital
13/08/1918-Rejoined Unit ex. Sick
2/03/1919-Admitted 14th Aust General Hospital Abbassia ( Sick ) ex. 3rd Light Horse Field Ambulance
26/04/1919-Rejoined Unit Zagizig ex. Hospital
25/05/1919-Admitted 14th Aust General Hospital Abbassia ( Epidedynitis )ex. 26 Stationary Hospital Ismalia
28/06/1919-Discharged to Duty Moascar
10/07/1919-Embarked Kantara for Australia per *Oxfordshire*
4/08/1919-Disembarked Australia
26/09/1919-Discharged from Service