14/06/1915-To 28th Battalion 2nd Reinforcements as Private
12/10/1915-Joined Battalion in the field Anzac Gallipoli
1/11/1915-Admitted 7th Aust Field Ambulance Hospital ( Rheumatism/Trench Feet ) Gallipoli ex. 7 Field Ambulance
4/11/1915-Rejoined Battalion in the field
25/11/1915-Admitted Anzac Hospital Gallipoli ( NYD ) ex. 13 Casualty Clearing Station
3/12/1915-Admitted Mandel Hospital Malta ( Heart )
6/01/1916-Transferred All Saints Camp Malta
9/01/1916-To Gozo Convalescent Camp Malta
10/03/1916-Rejoined Battalion in the field Moascar ex. Hospital Malta
21/03/1916-Disembarked Marseilles France ex. Alexandria
17/04/1916- Admitted 6th Field Ambulance & No. 2 DRS ( Dyspepsia/Palpitation/Dysproen) France
9/07/1916-Admitted No. 2 Canadian Stationary HospitalOutrean ( Bronchitis )
12/07/1916-Evacuated/Admitted 1st Western General Hospital England then to Fazakerley Hospital Liverpool
26/07/1916-To Admin Headquarters London
24/08/1916-To No. 2 Command Depot Weymouth
28/09/1916-Admitted Bulford Military Hospital ( Sick )
18/01/1917-To Fargo Hospital Rollestone ex. Hospital
31/01/1917-Discharged to 7th Training Battalion
11/02/1917-Admitted Fargo Hospital England ( PUO )
19/02/1917-Transferred Sutton Veny
26/03/1917-To No. 1 Command Depot Perham Downs
2/04/1917-Transferred 70th Battalion Wareham
22/08/1917-Transferred 28th Battalion Rollestone
8/11/1917-To 6th Training Battalion Fovant
30/01/1918-Proceeded overseas France ex. Southampton ex. 6 Training Battalion Fovant
31/07/1918-Admitted Hospital ( Influenza )
7/08/1918-Admitted 11 Stationary Hospital Rouen ex. 6 Aust Field Ambulance ex. 47 Casualty Clearing Station
17/08/1918-Evacuated/Admitted South General Hospital Portsmouth ( Influenza )
3/10/1918-To 3rd Aux Hospital Dartford
28/10/1918-Granted Leave England
20/12/1918-To Admin Headquarters London
12/02/1919-To No. 2 Command Depot Weymouth England
19/04/1919-Embarked England for Australia per “Marathon”
31/05/1919-Disembarked Australia
3/08/1919-Discharged from Service