9/10/1914- Joined 9th Light Horse Regiment as LIEUTENANT
16/05/1915- Embarked Alexandria Egypt with Meditteranean Expeditionary Forces for Gallipoli Peninsula
1/06/1915- Promoted CAPTAIN in the field Anzac Gallipoli
15/06/1915- Admitted Field Ambulance Gallipoli ( Dysentry )
9/08/1915- Evacuated/Admitted Hospital Malta ( Conjunctivitis/Diarrhoea )
3/09/1915- Evacuated/Admitted 3rd London General Hospital ex Malta
5/10/1915- Medical Board Report Caxton London England ( Dysentry/Bronchitis )
6/03/1916- Transferred 3rd Light Horse Training Regiment Heliopolis Egypt then to Tel-el-Kebir Egypt
10/09/1916- Admitted 24th Stationary Hospital Moascar Egypt ( NYD ) then to SirdarConvalescent Hospital Ghezireh Egypt ( Influenza )
19/09/1916- Transferred 3rd Australian General Hospital Abbassia Egypt
26/09/1916- Discharged to Duty 9th Light Horse Regiment in the field Egypt
25/11/1916- To School of Instruction Zeitoun Egypt
18/12/1916- Rejoined 9th Light Horse Regiment in the field Egypt ex School
2/04/1917- Promoted MAJOR ( Commanding Squadron ) in the field Egypt
2/02/1918- To Rest Camp Port Said Egypt
14/02/1918- Rejoined 9th Light Horse Regiment in the field Egypt ex Rest Camp
31/05/1918- To Imperial School of Instruction Zeitoun Egypt
22/06/1918- Rejoined 9th Light Horse Regiment in the field Egypt
9/10/1918- Recommended for DISTINGUISHED  SERVICE  ORDER
18/12/1918- To Rest Camp Port Said Egypt
15/06/1919- Granted Leave Without Pay to Nairobi Africa
2/09/1919- Returned to Australia per ” Pilsna ”
1/11/1919- Discharged from Service
5/11/1981- Date of Death-  Ashes placed at Bunbury Crematorium Main path D.



Date  of  Recommendation : 9 October 1918


 ” For bold decisive action near DUMAR on 30th September  whilst in charge of the vanguard.  Having located a large column  of enemy with transport moving N. W. alomg the BEIRUT Road & notwithstanding heavy enemy Machine Gun fire , he disposed his Squadron so as to bring fire to bear as effectively that the the road was soon blocked  with dead & transport, thus ensuring the complete surrender  of the column which ultimately took place.  Again on 2nd October 1918 by bold leading, after being ordered to seize KHAN AYASH  he proceeded in heading off the enemy just as they were mounting a Machine Gun in the KHAN “.