7/09/1914- To 16th Battalion ” B ” Company as Private
12/01/1915- Promoted LANCE CORPORAL whilst at Sea en Route Alexandria Egypt
12/04/1915- Embarked Alexandria Egypt with Mediterranean Expeditionary Forces for Gallipoli Peninsula
13/05/1915- Promoted CORPORAL in the field Gallipoli
28/08/1915- Admitted Field Ambulance Gallipoli ( ICT Feet )
1/09/1915- Promoted SERGEANT in the field Gallipoli
15/10/1915- Promoted ACTING COMPANY SERGEANT MAJOR in the field Gallipoli
30/12/1915- Disembarked Alexandria Egypt ex Mudros Lemnos
9/06/1916- Disembarked Marseilles France ex Alexandria Egypt
19/08/1916- Promoted  SECOND LIEUTENANT in the field France
8/01/1917- Admitted 5th Australian Field Ambulance France ( Scabies ) then to Anzac Corps Rest Station
3/02/1917- Rejoined Battalion in the field France ex Sickness
22/04/1917- Promoted LIEUTENANT in the field France
19/06/1917- Awarded  MILITARY  CROSS
28/08/1917- Admitted 2nd Anzac Rest Camp France ( Sick )
5/09/1917- Rejoined Battalion in the field France
7/09/1917- To 4th Training Battalion England ex France
3/11/1917- To 13th Training Battalion Codford England
29/11/1917- To Overseas Training Brigade Longbridge Deverill England
12/12/1917- Proceeded Overseas 4th Australian Division Base Depot Havre France ex Southampton ex Longbridge Deverill England
18/12/1917- Rejoined Battalion in the field France ex Base Depot
31/07/1918- Granted Leave England
19/08/1918- Rejoined Battalion in the field France ex Leave
16/09/1918- Awarded  BAR TO THE MILITARY CROSS
27/09/1918- To AIF Headquarters London ex France
15/10/1918- To No. 2 Command Depot Weymouth England
19/10/1918- Embarked England for Australia per ” Sardinia ”
16/12/1918- Disembarked Australia
22/03/1919- Discharged from Service




Date of Recommendation  :  15 April 1917


” This officer is brought under notice for his extremely gallant and conspicuous services – during the operations on the HINDENBURG Line in front of REINCOURT  on the morning of 11th April 1917.  During the charge to the First Objective  he displayed great skill and bravery  and never lost an opportunity in encouraging and helping his men along .  he personally led his platoon through  the absolutely uncut wire in front of the Second Objective  and gave them all the assistance that was in his power.  After the Second Objective had been secured he went from place to place organizing Bombing Parties and attending the ramps in the trenches for the cavalry which was expected to follow.  When the supply of bombs had been exhausted he personally led a small party of men and collected all that he could from the dead and also all the enemy grenades that were in the vicinity.  These he distributed along the line to the best advantage.  He also showed great care for the wounded and supervised the dressing of them as far as possible.  When the enemy had bombed our men  back from the flanks and had practically surrounded the remaining few Officers and men,  he was called on to surrender.  This he refused to do,  but made a dash for freedom over ” No Mans Land ”  which was swept by Machine Gun fire and Artillery Barrage.  For his courage and cheerfullness under fire and slendid devotion to duty he is very strongly recommended for high distinction “.


Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette :  4 October 1917


Location in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette :  Page  2629,  Position  12


Date of London Gazette :  18 June 1917


Location in London Gazette :  Page  6002,  Position  10.




Date  of Recommendation  :  16/09/1918


” This officer is strongly brought to notice for his gallantry and very fine performance during the attack made by us on 1st April 1918  near HEBUTERNE.  The reports herunder reproduced by  Captain C. AHERN, MC  and Captain D.S. AARONS, MC speak for themselves :-  ” I have the honour to bring before your notice Lieutenant BURROWS, M.C  for bravery and devotion to duty  during our operations near  HEBUTERNE on 1st April 1918.  Lieutenant BURROWS was my leading Platoon Commander , he led his men along the enemy trench showing great initiative and judgement .  On reaching a point near the final objective he gave the word to assault and led it .  After taking objective he immediately led a bombing party down a communication trench taking a very prominent part in bombing the enemy out of same, inflicting many casualties and taking a considerable number of prisoners.  He personally supervised construction of  bombing posts and also barricades further down the trench.  During the whole of this period the trench was subjected to very heavy enfilade fire.  He showed great foresight in checking  positions for blocks and barricades thus preventing many casualties.  His bravery, energy, and devotion to duty  spurred his men on  and set them a very fine example ” Signed – C. AHEARN. 

” Lieutenant BURROW’S services  during our action on 1st April 1918  were very gallant and daring.  He led his Platoon along the enemy trenches at great personal danger  and after securing his objective  did gallant work in helping  bombing the enemy out of Communication Trench.  He personally supervised construction  of a barricade under very heavy enfilade Machine Gun fire.  His work was done quietly and bravely , he showed great initiative  and set a fine example to the men “. Signed – D.AARONS.

This officer  is strongly recommended for high distinction ( Previously Awarded MILITARY  CROSS 10th May 1917 ) “.


Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette :  4 February 1919


Location in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette :  Page  133,  Position  11


Date of London Gazette : 16 September 1918


Location in London Gazette  :  Page  10909,  Position  4.


Service Medals Awarded

1914/1915 Star – No. 3661

British War Medal – No. 1267

Victory Medal – No. 1265

Military Cross

Bar to Military Cross


Memorial Inscription

Yarloop War Memorial WA