14/11/1914- Completed Application to Enlist & Medical Examination Bunbury WA
16/02/1915- To No. 2 Depot Squadron Light Horse Regiment Blackboy Hill WA
17/02/1915- Embarked Fremantle WA aboard ” Surada ” bound for Egypt
13/03/1915- Disembarked Alexandria to Overseas Training Base Egypt
16/05/1915- Embarked Alexandria with Mediterranean Expeditionary Forces bound for Gallipoli
08/09/1915- Wounded in Action Gallipoli ( GSW to Right Thigh )
16/09/1915- Evacuated by Hospital Ship ” Gascon ” to St. Andrews Hospital Malta
29/09/1915- Transferred to All Saints Hospital Malta
02/12/1915- Evacuated by Hospital Ship ” Lake Manitoba ” to Alexandria Egypt
08/12/1915- Admitted to Overseas Base Depot Ghezireh Egypt
28/12/1915- To 10th Light Horse Regiment in the field Egypt ex Base Depot
15/03/1916- Admitted 1st Australian Stationary Hospital Ismailia Egypt ex 1st Australian Casualty Clearing Station Serapeum ex Gabriel Habieta
19/04/1916- Rejoined 1oth LHR in the field Egypt ex Hospital
10/05/1917- Attached to 10th Mobile Veterinary Section Belah Egypt
05/08/1917- Transferred to 8th Mobile Veterinary Section Marakeb Egypt
28/10/1917- Detached to 3rd Light Horse Brigade Headquarters Egypt
02/11/1917- Rejoined 8th Mobile Veterinary Section Beersheba
03/01/1918- Admitted 43rd Stationary Hospital Kilo 157 ( Eczema )ex 75th Casualty Clearing Station
ex 3rd Australian Light Horse Field Ambulance
06/01/1918- Transferred /Admitted 44th Stationary Hospital Kantara Egypt
11/01/1918- Admitted 31st General Hospital Port Said ( Eczema )- Suspected Cholera- Small water blisters broke, leaving open sores.
28/01/1918- Transferred/Admitted 14th Australian General Hospital Abbassia/Port Said
21/02/1918- Small piece of Bomb removed from base of thumb
24/02/1918- To Rest Camp Port Said
13/03/1918- To Australian Army Veterinary Corps Training Depot Moascar
03/06/1918- To Isolation Camp Moascar
17/06/1918- Rejoined 8th Mobile Veterinary Section Egypt ex Camp
10/10/1918- Admitted 47th Stationary Hospital Egypt ( Debility )
12/10/1918- Transferred/Admitted 31st General Hospital Abbassia
19/10/1918- To Convalescent Centre Boulac Egypt
28/10/1918- To Australian Army Veterinary Corp Details Moascar Egypt ex Sickness
30/11/1918- To Rest Camp Port Said
20/12/1918- To Australian Army Veterinary Corps Moascar
27/01/1919- Admitted 2nd Australian Stationary Hospital Egypt ( Malaria )
31/01/1919- Rejoined Australian Army Veterinary Corps Training Depot Moascar
10/02/1919- Transferred to Details Camp
12/03/1919- Rejoined 8th Mobile Veterinary Section in the field Egypt
29/06/1919- Admitted 14th Australian General Hospital Abbassia Egypt, then embarked aboard ” Dongola ” for Return to Australia
17/08/1919- Disembarked Fremantle WA
05/12/1919- Discharged from Service ( Medically Unfit )


1914/15 Star- Medal No. 6627

British War Medal – No. 2082

Victory Medal – No. 2079.



John George FOSTER enlisted for Service in the Second World War on 12/02/1941 at Swanbourne/Claremont WA.
He was allocated Service Number W27575.
He spent some time at the 10th Battle Garrison , but primarily served as a Private Tech Storeman, General Duties with the No.7 Australian Advanced Ordinance Depot.
Refer Discharge Certificate No. 569685-  CMF- 12/02/1941-30/06/1947,  &  Inter  01/07/1947-22/11/1948.  Total Service Period- 2841 Days, Active in Australia – 1904 Days.

There is a photograph of the Soldier on Page 17 of his Service Record.

AUTHOR’s NOTE : A digitized copy of both service records is combined on National Archives of Australia website, accessed by choosing World War 2 and entering Service No. W27575.