26/07/1915- To 17 Depot as Private
1/08/1915- To 16th Battalion 9th Reinforcements
18/12/1915- Admitted No. 1 Australian General Hospital Heliopolis Egypt ( Bronchitis )
23/12/1915- Transferred No. 2 Aux Hospital Heliopolis
28/12/1915- To Australian & New Zealand Convalescent Depot Helouan Egypt ( Influenza )
4/01/1916- Discharged to Base Depot Egypt ex Sickness
8/01/1916- Joined Battalion in the field Ismailia Egypt
3/03/1916- Transferred 48th Battalion in the field Tel-el-Kebir Egypt
10/03/1916- Admitted No. 12 Australian General Hospital Tel-el-Kebir Egypt ( Otitis Media )
17/03/1916- Discharged to Battalion in the field Egypt ex Hospital
22/04/1916- Transferred to 4th Pioneer Battalion in the field Egypt
11/06/1916- Disembarked Marseilles France ex Alexandria Egypt
2/09/1916- Admitted 44th Casualty Clearing Station France ( Pneumonia/Myalgia ) then to No. 1 Convalescent Depot
7/09/1916- Transferred to No. 5 Convalescent Depot France
26/10/1916- Admitted 26th General Hospital Etaples France ( Rheumatism )
30/10/1916- Evacuated/Admitted Military Hospital Dover England ex Calais France
1/11/1916- Granted Leave England
13/11/1916- To No. 1 Command Depot Perham Downs England
27/05/1917- Proceeded Overseas 4th Australian Division Base Depot Etaples France ex Southampton ex Infantry Draft Depot Perham Downs
1/10/1917- Appointed LANCE CORPORAL in the field France
29/11/1917- Detached 2nd Army Scouting Observation & Sniping School France
19/12/1917- Rejoined Battalion in the field France ex Sniping School
8/07/1918- Granted Leave Paris
14/07/1918- Admitted Hertford British Hospital France ( Whilst on Leave Paris )
20/07/1918- Admitted 8th General Hospital Rouen France
21/07/1918- Awarded  MILITARY  MEDAL
30/07/1918- Rejoined Battalion in the field France ex Hospital
8/08/1918- Wounded in Action France ( Gunshot Wound Ear )
9/08/1918- Admitted 22nd General Hospital Dannes France ex 13th Australian Field Ambulance ex 61st Casualty Clearing Station
12/08/1918- To No. 6 Convalescent Depot Etaples France
21/08/1918- To Australian Infantry Base Depot Havre France ex Wounded
14/09/1918- Promoted CORPORAL in the field France
21/09/1918- Rejoined Unit in the field France ex Base Depot
27/10/1918- Admitted 1st Australian Aux Hospital Harefield England ( Appendicitis )
15/12/1918- Granted Leave England
23/12/1918- To No. 1 Command Depot Sutton Veny for Return to Australia
15/01/1919- Embarked England for Australia per ” City of Exeter ”
20/02/1919- Disembarked Australia
27/04/1919- Discharged from Service ( Medically Unfit )
9/07/1990- Date of Death


Date of Recommendation :  5 July 1918


 ” This man is brought to notice for his coolness and devotion to duty during operationa against VAIRE and HAMEL WOODS, east of CORBIE , on the morning of 4th July 1918.  During the progress of the attack under very heavy rifle and machine gun fire , he carried messages from his Company Commander to various parts of the line.  This involved great danger , and was done in a wood filled with smoke and the spume of the barrage.  In the execution of his duties , he had several encounters with encaptured enemy, whom he dealt with.  He is strongly recommeded for distiction “.


Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette : 12 February 1919

Location in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette : Page  272,  Position  106

Date of London Gazette : 21 October 1918

Location in London Gazette : Page  12422,  Position : 7.




Thanks to John BIRD ( J.Bird@griffincoal.com.au ) for advising an error in Army Records, which shows Surname incorrectly spelt as LAWRIE, when, in fact, the surname should have been correctly spelt as LAURIE.