1/11/1915-To 28th Battalion7th Reinforcements
16/02/1916-Disembarked Alexandria
16/03/1916-To Overseas Base Ghezireh ex. Alexandria
27/03/1916-Disembarked Marseilles ex. Alexandria
16/06/1916-Rejoined 28th Battalion in the field France
1/03/1917-Admitted 38 Casualty Clearing Station ex. 13 Aust Field Ambulance ( Mumps )
21/02/1917-Rejoined 28th Battalion in the field France
12/05/1917-Transferred Army Rest Station
27/05/1917-Rejoined Battalion in the field France
11/07/1917-Granted Leave England
23/07/1917-Rejoined Battalion ex. Leave
20/09/1917-Wounded in Action Belgium ( Multiple Injuries ) ex. 6 Aust Field Ambulance
22/09/1917-Reported Died of Wounds Ypres ( Ieper ) Belgium ex. Advanced Dressing Station


Date  of  Recommendation :  11 November 1916


‘ During attack on German Position  North of FLERS on morning of 5th November 1916 , acted as battalion runner.  He did his work with a cheerfulness and dogged determination highly praiseworthy.  He was always the first to volunteer for the dangerous job and went through several heavy barrages greatly helping the C. O. to keep in touch with the Units of attack.  He also had orders to help any wounded he came across , which he did faithfully.  He helped large numbers of wounded in NO MANS LAND to safety, and on going for stretchers  and bearers, found no bearers, but brought up the stretchers himself to a place where they could be easily got “.


Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette : 29 June 1917

Location in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette : Page  1395,  Position  55

Date of London Gazette ; 22 January 1917

Location in London Gazette : Page  836,  Position  52.