1907- Qualified as Nurse after 3 years Probationary Nurse Training at Wandsworth Workhouse Infirmary London and continued to work at this location until 1911. She qualified with a General Training Certificate.
04/05/1917- Completed Preliminary Medical Examination Perth WA
07/05/1917- Signed CMF Application Form to join Australian Army Nursing Service Reserve and stated she had 10 years previous Nursing Experience
13/09/1917- Signed Attestation Paper to join AANSR
22/11/1917- Completed Final Medical Examination Perth WA
23/11/1917- Embarked Fremantle aboard troop transport ship “Canberra” bound for Egypt
21/12/1917- Disembarked Alexandria Egypt + posted to Duty at 14th Australian General Hospital Abbassia
01/01/1918- Transferred to Government Hospital Suez
11/05/1918- Rejoined Nursing Staff at 14th AGH Abbassia
03/06/1918- To Convalescent Home Alexandria for Rest
11/06/1918- Returned to Duty at 14th AGH Abbassia
05/09/1918- Admitted as Patient at 14th AGH Abbassia( Diarrhoea)
18/09/1918- Discharged from Hospital to Convalescent Home Alexandria
27/09/1918- Returned to duty at 14th AGH Abbassia
31/12/1918- Admitted as Patient 14th AGH Abbassia (Laryngitis)
04/01/1919- Discharged to Nursing Duty
11/03/1919- Detached for duty at Government Infectious Diseases Hospital Choubra Egypt
17/03/1919- Returned to duty at 14th AGH Abbassia
21/03/1919- Detached to duty at Government Hospital Suez
22/05/1919- Admitted as Patient at 14th AGH Abbassia ( Gastritis/Enteritis)
06/06/1919- Discharged to duty 14th AGH Abbassia
28/06/1919- Embarked Kantara Egypt aboard troop transport ship “Madras” (On duty Nursing Staff) for return to Australia
03/08/1919- Disembarked Sydney NSW
20/08/1919- Discharged from Service ( Termination of Period of Enlistment).


British War Medal No. 79912

Victory Medal No. 75913.