7/05/1915-Joined 11th Battalion *D* Company at Dardanelles
6/09/1915-Admitted 1st Aust Casualty Clearing Station Gallipoli ( Debility ) Transferred Mudros then to 4 Casualty Clearing Station Imbrios
11/09/1915-Admitted 1st Aust General Hospital Heliopolis ( Dysentry ) ex. 3rd Aux Hospital
8/10/1915-Admitted Hospital Helouan ( Debility ) En Route Gallipoli ex. Zeitoun
16/10/1915-Discharged to Unit ex. Hospital
21/10/1915-To Training Battalion Zeitoun
29/10/1915-Admitted No. 2 Aust Stationary Hospital Lemnos
2/12/1915-Rejoined Unit in the field A & NZ Base Mudros
11/01/1916-Admitted Base Infantry Hospital Abbassia ( Sick )
10/03/1916-Rejoined Unit Zeitoun ex. Hospital
5/04/1916-Disembarked Marseilles France ex. Alexandria
25/07/1916-Wounded in Action France ( Gunshot Wound Leg & Buttock ) to 26th general Hospital Etaples ex. 1 Aust Field Ambulance ex. 3 Casualty Clearing Station
27/07/1916-Evacuated/Admitted Norfolk War Hospital Thorpe Norwich ( NYD ) ex. Calais
14/11/1916-Discharged 2nd Aux Hospital Wareham
26/05/1917-Admitted 1st Aust Division Hospital Bulford ( Sick )
5/09/1917-Admitted Wandsworth Prison-deserting His Majestys Service
10/09/1918-Discharged from Detention
16/09/1918-To Aust Infantry Base Depot Havre France ex. U.K
19/09/1918-Rejoined Unit
17/04/1920-Embarked England for Australia per *Bahia Castillo*
10/06/1920-Disembarked Australia
10/06/1920-Discharged from Service