25/08/1915-To 25 Depot as Private
14/09/1915-To “C” Company 2nd Depot Battalion
16/10/1915-To 12th Battalion 12th Reinforcements
21/01/1916-Admitted Aust Aux Hospital Abbassia Egypt ( Mumps )17/03/1916-Joined 12th Battalion in the Field Serapeum Egypt
5/04/1916-Disembraked Marseilles France ex Alexandria
3/06/1916-Admitted 3rd Aust Field Ambulance in the Field France ( Sprained Ankle ) ex DRS
20/06/1916-Rejoined Battalion in the Field France ex Injured26/07/1916-Admitted 1st Canadian General Hospital Etaples France
2/08/1916-Evacuated/Admitted 2nd Western general hospital Manchester England ex Calais France
19/08/1916-Admitted Altringham Hospital Cheshire England
16/09/1916-Discharged to Perham Downs England
19/09/1916-Granted Leave England
13/10/1916-To No. 3 Command Depot Bovington Camp England ex perham Downs
3/11/1916-to No. 4 Command Depot Wareham England
2/02/1917-Proceeded Overseas 1st Aust division Base Depot Etaples France ex Folkestone ex Wareham
15/02/1917-Rejoined Battalion in the Field France ex Wounded5/05/1917-Wounded in Action France ( Gunshot Wound Right Leg ) ex 5 Aust Field Ambulance ex 3 Casualty Clearing Station
7/05/1917-Admitted 26th General hospital Etaples France
15/05/1917-Awarded DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL in the Field France
9/06/1917-To No. 6 Convalescent Depot Etaples France
13/06/1917-To No. 1 Aust Division Base Depot Havre France ex Wounded
26/06/1917-rejoined Battalion in the Field France ex 1st Aust Division base Depot havre France
11/08/1917-Promoted Corporal in the Field France
27/08/1917-Rejoined Battalion in the Field France ex Division Wing Course
11/12/1917-Granted Leave England
26/12/1917-Rejoined Battalion in the Field France ex Leave
30/12/1917-Promoted Sergeant in the Field France
1/02/1918-Detached to Overseas Training Brigade Headquarters Longbridge Deverill England
1/09/1918-Proceeded Overseas Base Depot France ex Longbridge Deverill England
5/09/1918-Rejoined Battalion in the Field France ex Base Depot
25/09/1918-Awarded MILITARY MEDAL in the Field France
24/10/1918-Appointed Temporary Company Quarter Master Sergeant in the Field France
24/11/1918-Promoted CQMS in the Field France



Date  of  Recommendation : 25 September 1918


 ” Sgt. YOUNG displayed great gallantry during the attack East of JEANCOURT on September 15th, 1918,  to command his platoon and led  them on to the  operation.        .  When the barrage opened he personally led and encouraged them.  There was a temporary check  in front of   GRAND  PRIEL WOOD  from Machine Gun fire .  Sgt. YOUNG realising the importance of falling back from the barrage, moved out above towards the    .  The firing stopped , and the men captured 70 prisoners without firing a shot “.



Date  of  Recommendation : 18 April 1917


” On morning of 15th April 1917 at LAGNICOURT  Sgt. YOUNG was a member of No. 1  Picquet  when the enemy attacked in force.  When driven back he did win interest to assist his picquet commander  ( afterwards killed ) to rally his men and succeeded sufficiently to put up a running fight.  On arriving back at the sunken road he was the first to observe the enemy in the village and gave warning.  He constituted himself  an observer in an exposed position and kept his Company Commander posted with news.  He rushed on an approaching party of Germans alone and bombed them, killing several and forcing others to retire.  On evacuating the road, he was the last to leave  and before doing so , shot a German officer “.


Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette : 4 October 1917

Location in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette : Page  2634,  Position  3

Date of London Gazette : 18 June 1917

Location in London Gazette : Page  6016,  Position  2.